iEMS Intelligent Energy Management System

With the mission of "Drive the low carbon future " and actively responding to the goal of "carbon neutralization", PowerShare iEMS is an integrated management system with Energy AI as the technical core,integrating energy monitoring, intelligent scheduling, analysis and prediction, and finally effectively improving the return on investment (ROI).

Product Overview
Intelligent Energy Management System
The PowerShare advanced energy storage & microgrid management system, referred to as iEMS, enables data acquisition and coordination control of energy microgrid, battery storage and charging stations, providing security, stability and efficient operation of the system, and effectively improving economic efficiency.
Through Energy AI technology, the acquisition and in-depth analysis of massive energy operation data, continuous simulation training of smart grid models, solar and wind energy models, BSS operational models, demand data models, etc., enables accurate demand response (DR), power generation forecasting, BSS operational forecasting and continuous optimization of return on investment (ROI), and ultimately will strive to drive and achieve the "carbon peak, carbon neutral" goal.
Product Advantages
Intelligent Operation Strategy
Built in multiple sets of intelligent and efficient operation strategies, which can be automatically selected and switched according to actual needs.
Intelligent AI Algorithm Model
The self-learning microgrid control algorithm model adapts to the different scenario and create higher ROI.
Battery Full Lifecycle Management
Remote data monitoring obtains the health data of battery storage to ensure the safety and reliability of the life cycle of battery and charging station.
Rich API Interfaces
Provide multiple API interfaces to quickly connect 3rd partners’ equipment and systems.
Excellent Compatibility
Widely compatible with the market mainstream solar converter, Battery storage, PCS, charging piles and electrical equipment.
Diverse-Business Scenario
Flexible for solar, wind, battery storage, charging, distribution and other microgrid scenarios.
Cloud Control
Cloud architect can realize both local deployment by iEMS and cloud management by VPP Cloud, bring the virtual power plant business for grid.
Flexible Configuration
According to different business scenarios, functional components can be flexibly configured by demand, including energy storage management, solar management, charging station management, etc.
Networking Diagram
Product Functions
Real-Time Data Monitoring
  • ◆7*24-hour real-time and accurate display of operation data of municipal power, solar, energy storage, charging pile and Microgrid.
  • ◆Analyze and statistical energy consumption and income data with multi-dimensional data, and display visually.
  • ◆Support the station and cloud platform to remotely control the power station status anytime, anywhere in real time.
  • ◆Real-time push reports of station operation.
  • Energy Consumption Analysis
  • ◆Manage the whole life cycle of equipment and analyze the law of abnormal points.
  • ◆Data correlation analysis to find the relationship between equipment, strategy and energy consumption.
  • ◆Figuring energy consumption optimization points and improve energy conversion efficiency.
  • Intelligent Forecast
  • ◆Load forecasting and regulations
  • ◆Demand side response analysis forecast and management.
  • ◆Solar power generation forecast and analysis
  • ◆Battery charging and discharging model analysis and SOH prediction.
  • Efficient Management
  • ◆Equipment anomalies and failures timely warning notice.
  • ◆24-hour efficient operation and maintenance management online and offline.
  • ◆Centralized control management, power station management under operation strategy.
  • ◆Smart Data Visualization Display
  • User Value
    Home Users
    Help users effectively realize the spontaneous self-use of green energy, save electricity charges and ensure 24-hour electricity demand.
    Commercial Buildings
    Help management to control all aspects of commercial building energy monitoring, to ensure the use of energy security, to create an efficient and comfortable building management experience and user experience.
    Factory Enterprises
    Work safety, energy conservation and emission reduction, improve efficiency, bear social responsibility, and establish a high-quality enterprise image of green production.
    Industrial Park
    Improve the reliability of power supply in the park, reduce the cost of energy use in the park, and increase the proportion of new energy consumption.
    ESG Investors
    Comprehensive utilization of energy, serving users, achieving commercial objectives and increasing revenue.
    Electrical Vehicle Automaker
    Reuse the second life usage of batteries, reducing batteries costs.
    Cooperate with the general contractor to meet customer needs and improve the competitiveness of the general contractor.
    Generation Side
    Smoothen the new energy generation, improve new energy consumption capacity, reduce wind and solar wastage.
    User Case
    CQCTT (China Quality Center) Clean Energy Solution
    Project Overview:
    The integrated solar storage and charging project of Nanjing Vocational College of Information Technology was jointly constructed by Nanjing Vocational College of Information Technology, CQCTT. and PowerShare, was officially put into operation in February 2021. The scale of the project is solar panel, energy storage power station, second life battery storage, DC charging, AC charging pile, The capacity of energy storage battery can be expanded according to the demand
    Project Value:
    The project is also equipped with the intelligent energy management system (iEMS) independently developed by PowerShare, which realizes the data acquisition, data analysis, strategy switching and coordinated control of the solar storage and charging microgrid, and can carry out battery second life usage application, battery big data analysis, solar storage and charging integrated microgrid system, electric vehicle V2G technology and etc experimental research in the field of energy digitization.
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