Energy AI, Digitizing Energy, Monetizing Value

We continue to explore and integrate big data and artificial intelligence technologies to endow energy systems command and unlock energy data value based on the energy sector. Make energy systems work smarter and create value for users with massive amounts of energy data

What Is PowerShare Energy AI
PowerShare combines the traditional energy system with the internet, collects and deeply analyzes the massive energy operation data through big data and artificial intelligence technology, so as to make the operation of the energy system more economical, intelligent and efficient, and ensure the energy data create value for users.
Main Features of Energy AI
Accurate Modelling
Specifically for complex energy system modeling, considering the randomness and nonlinearity of the system, the operation model is more accurate and effective.
High Operation Efficiency
Greatly improved by big data analysis and AI technology.
Target Differentiation
Formulate operation strategies from the multi-dimensional analysis of energy consumption and ROI to meet the operation objectives of different systems.
Deep Dive Into the Energy Sector
Professional implementation experience in the energy field and rich Application scenarios.
Massive Data Operation
Based on a large number of operation data of solar, battery storage & EV charging, the model is trained to achieve efficient analysis and accurate prediction.
Large Application Scenarios
Widely used in solar prediction, demand analysis, battery life cycle management, electric vehicles smart charging and related fields.
Applications of Energy AI in Clean Energy
The optimization of battery storage interaction in microgrids is a difficult point.
PowerShare's battery and energy intelligence platform expands ROI by predicting real-time battery performance, demand cycles, energy prices, power generation profiles, and other factors.
Main Functions of Energy AI
Solar Power Generation Forecast
Load and Demand
Fault Alert Analysis
Energy Control
Intelligent Management of Energy
Synergy Between Systems
Market Participation
Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
Power Market Analysis
Power Transaction Management
Strategy Optimization
Operation Big Data Analysis
Operation Strategy Development
Optimized Operation Cost
Ensuring Safety and Stability
Energy AI Helps Sustainability Energy System Overcome Big Challenges
Intermittency of power generation system
Random power by solar & wind farm bring the intermittent to the grid.
Impulsive Loads in Power Systems
The random charging require by large number of EV bring the impulsive load.
Power Grid Load Balance
The increase of distributed energy leads to the interoperability of power between grids, and the difficulty of the dynamic demand control increases.
Increases of User Demand
User needs are becoming more diverse and personalized, and the demands on power quality and energy system stability are becoming higher.
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