iBMS Battery AI Big Data Cloud Platform

Battery AI Technology Enables Battery Management And Carbon Neutralization

Product Overview
iBMS Battery AI Big Data Cloud Platform is a platform based on battery AI technology. It serves automobile enterprises, energy storage enterprises and energy management service providers, and realizes hardware data, model and performance forecast, also full life cycle management based on digital twin technology.
The complete battery life cycle data driven can be realized by the IBMS Battery AI Big Data Cloud Platform.
Data Source
AI & Big Data Warehouse
  • Service
  • Predictability
  • Adaptability
    Product Functions
    AI Analysis Mining
    AI is used to depict customer user portraits, support market forecast, 2nd life usage management and station operation
    Battery Health Assessment & Tracking
    Evaluation and tracking of health indicators by Battery SOH, RUL and etc.
    Battery AI Evaluation
    Use AI to evaluate the state of the battery accurately
    Safety Warning
    Battery failure will be affecting usage safety
    Cloud Battery Intervention
    Cloud intervention of charging and discharging behavior combined with battery health and battery characteristics
    Battery Traceability Management
    Reporting and management of traceability information in the whole life cycle of new energy vehicle batteries, two wheeled vehicle batteries and energy storage batteries
    Product Advantages
    Real-time Connected Battery Data
    Realizes Real-time Battery Monitoring
    With the support of PowerShare Battery AI technology
    able to solve the user's pain points accurately
    Covering various application scenarios of batteries whole lifecycle such as automobile batteries, two wheeled vehicle batteries, energy storage batteries and etc.
    Experienced serving many leading customers from the automobile, power grid and energy storage industries
    User Value
    OEM Automobile
    Extend battery lifetime, actively maintaining high-risk vehicles, and optimizing battery redundancy design through user behavior, as to achieve higher product competitiveness and better user satisfaction
    Mobility Services/Commercial Vehicle Operators
    Extend battery lifetime, actively maintaining high-risk batteries, reducing customer complaints and achieving better customer satisfaction
    Clean Energy Service Provider / Investor
    Extend battery lifetime, preserving battery assets value and dispatching power for the peaks and roughs. Combining with PowerShare eMSP technology, able to solve the battery problem in power grid operation better.
    User Case
    PowerShare And An Automobile Maker Setting Up A Co-lab for Battery AI Technology and Commercial Application
    Project Overview
    In 2021,PowerShare had set up a co-lab about Battery AI Technology and commercial application with a MNC automobile company. Relying on the leading advantages in this respective fields, the co-lab has carried out the development of battery artificial intelligence technology and commercial innovation exploration for battery life cycle management, optimization and value mining.
    Customer Feedback:
    The co-lab has made remarkable achievements in battery artificial intelligence technology. At the same time, with battery artificial intelligence technology as the core. PowerShare has explored a new business model, and achieved remarkable business results, laying a solid foundation for seizing the opportunities brought by "carbon neutralization".
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