Battery AI Technology

Core technology to realize battery full lifecycle optimization and value enhancement.

Leading position in relate fields

Covering around 10%
of China EV big data

Battery for AI

Product Technical Framework
The battery AI technology of PowerShare is based on electrochemical technology and artificial intelligence technology, is formed through multiple iterations of massive data combined with online and offline experiments.
What Can Battery AI Do
SOH Assessment and Prediction
◆Based on the hybrid model combining electrochemistry and artificial intelligence, a unique patent algorithm is generated through multiple iterations of massive data
◆Accurate evaluation and battery health prediction
◆Support battery health management, safety alert, financial leasing, asset evaluation and charging and discharging cloud adjustment and other scenarios
Battery Life Expansion Algorithm
◆Realize parameter optimization and charging and discharging model in combination with battery health status and scenario strategy
◆Improve battery performance and prolong battery life
◆VPP cloud multi-site flexible scheduling, with long-life balance of the clusters.
Battery Safety and Fault Alert
◆Evaluate the key factors causing lithium evolution and thermal runaway of the battery in combination with electrochemical and massive battery data
◆Active abnormal monitoring of cell and module failure
◆AI enabled battery fault warning, fault tracking and fault root cause analysis
Advantages of PowerShare Battery AI

It has been adopted by famous vehicle OEM and clean energy service enterprises

Covering 18GWh of battery capacity, concluded around 10% of EV amount in China

The error of key models is less than 1%, which is at the leading level in the industry

Covering all business scenarios from SOH 100% to 20%

Supported by team members of top scientists such as Goodenough

User Case
PowerShare And An Automobile Maker Setting Up A Co-lab for Battery AI Technology and Commercial Application
Project Overview
In 2021,PowerShare had set up a co-lab about Battery AI Technology and commercial application with a MNC automobile company. Relying on the leading advantages in this respective fields, the co-lab has carried out the development of battery artificial intelligence technology and commercial innovation exploration for battery life cycle management, optimization and value mining.
Customer Feedback:
The co-lab has made remarkable achievements in battery artificial intelligence technology. At the same time, with battery artificial intelligence technology as the core. PowerShare has explored a new business model, and achieved remarkable business results, laying a solid foundation for seizing the opportunities brought by "carbon neutralization".
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