EV Charging Integrated All-In-One Solution
  • 100+CPOs
  • 200M kW·h Annual Charging Amount
  • 70+ Interconnected Platform
  • 250k+ Charging Piles
  • 100+ City Coverage
  • 45+ Patents
  • eMSP eMobility Service Platform
    eMSP eMobility system is a unified platform for eMobility service providers, charging pile operators and fleet & EV drivers. With the empowerment of eMSP eMobility platform, it can meet the service needs of station level intelligent charging management, charging resource aggregation service and management, fleet charging service and management, charging user operation and other scenarios.
    OEM Manufacturers, Fleet and Other eMobility Service Providers

    For OEMs, logistics fleets, rental fleets and other operators, as well as other service providers entering the overall service of car charging.

    PowerShare provides a complete set of customized charging business solutions, including eMobility service platform, user management system, charging operator backend (CPO backend) and other capabilities.

  • Charging Station Operators, Commercial Building(Community) and Other Charging Service Operators
    For charging station operators, including open operation charging stations, bus logistics charging stations, community office buildings and other semi open charging stations. PowerShare provides a complete set of cloud management solutions to meet the operation of charging stations to ensure the orderly development of charging business.
  • Features Ability
    Safe Charging Technology
    Based on the battery data of millions of safe charges, PowerShare forms a set of charging algorithms for battery safety control, and realizes different vehicle charging modes to meet the needs of users on the basis of ensuring battery safety.
    Big Data Charging Forecast
    Based on the data of nearly 200k main charging habits of electric vehicles in the platform, PowerShare providing strong charging prediction ability for EV owners, which can realize the pre-judgment of more than 80% of electric vehicle charging pattern in advance, and provide a marketing trigger point for station operation.
    Smart Charging Strategy
    Based on the coordination charging technology that meets the load balance strategy, PowerShare adjusts the charging demand of car owners in combination with the dynamic pricing algorithm, so as to maximize the commercial income of the station under the condition of load constraints.
    Intelligent Route Planning
    Through the in-depth analysis of vehicle battery data, charging station distribution data, user driving habit data and logistics point data, PowerShare AI intelligent route planning algorithm is formed to realize the charging path planning of ordinary electric vehicle owners also for fleet users, so as to ensure long-distance driving experience.
    Service Advantage
    Able to fulfill the needs of customized development, based on the requirements of customized hardware protocols and personalized software functions.
    Updating New Features
    Continuously update and iterate various product functions according to different requirements of scenarios and hardware replacement issues.
    Stable & Safe Operation
    System developed according to the most stringent standards, to ensure minimized online accidents, also at least 1000 hours of stable operation for the developed products
    7*24 Hours After Service
    A complete after-sales operation system that contain full process, intelligently, automatically and data-based services to ensure rapid response to customer needs
    eMSP – Cloud
    Mobile Application
    Access Process
    Business connection with PowerShare to confirm the scope of cooperation and other detail matters
    Docking with PowerShare products and confirm product function requirements and other details
    Once the customized development is started, the project manager of PowerShare will guarantee the development of the whole process
    After completing the product test, PowerShare will carry out the online deployment of the product and start the business operation
    User Case
    Project Overview:
    A charging station company is connected to the PowerShare SaaS platform, realizes the management of its 50 + charging stations at a low cost fee, and realizes interconnection and government subsidies through PowerShare platform
    Customer Feedback:
    Abundant charging resource, with rich functions and operation activities, platform running stable and manual friendly, excced the expectations of our car owners.
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