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Energy Digitalization Cloud Solution Based On Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things Technology

PowerShare virtual power plant platform capability to make up of ten of thousands plus energy storage, solar, microgrid & utility-scale power plants, also monetize battery assets for ESG capitals and funds. The real-time trading ability of VPP Cloud and the control strategy of EMS enabling operation strategy maximizing revenue, provide value-based asset management and portfolio optimization to relevant parties. Energy AI, PowerShare’s optimization software solution based on its core Battery AI, is composed of machine learning, forecasting, optimization and real-time control algorithms. PowerShare continuously optimizing battery health management, utility bill reduction, demand response participation, microgrid control, charging load management etc. by the cloud & edge AI.

PowerShare Core Technology
  • Energy  AI
    Digitizing Energy · Monetizing Value
  • Smart Charging Technology
    Smart Charging technology of energy network big data
  • Battery  AI
    Core Technology for realizing battery full lifecycle
    optimization and value enhancement
  • Charging Piles Connected to the Open Platform
    Interoperability Open Platform
    European Standard OCPP Open Platform
    Energy Management System IoT Open Platform
    Charging Piles Connected to the Open Platform
    Ensuring e-roaming services empowering open platform
    Interoperability Open Platform
    Aggregate massive charging piles through an open platform to provide better services to EV drivers
    European Standard OCPP Open Platform
    Application protocol for communication between Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and a central management system, also known as a charging station network, similar to cell phones and cell phone networks.
    Energy Management System IoT Open Platform
    Our Digital Platform for microgrid partners combines the best-in-class IoT solution with the latest IT technology, empowering our partners to maximize energy efficiency and sustainability.
    Open Platform
    Building a Digital Energy Ecosystem for Sustainable Energy With Partners
    we are maintaining cooperation with various partners, EV drivers and EMP in the industry with the concept of openness and cooperation to jointly contribute to the digital ecological process of the value chain.